Cleaning Roof Tiles: A Guide for Liverpool Property Owners

Cleaning roof tiles is a simple and effective way to really boost your property’s street appeal. The cleaning process can also provide an opportunity to have a closer look at your roof and identify other issues that might need addressing, such as cracked tiles. Some people avoid calling in a roofing service to clean their roof, because they think it’s something that can be a DIY job, but there are actually several reasons why it’s a good idea to call in a professional.

How often do southwest Sydney home owners need to consider cleaning roof tiles?

There are a number of factors that can affect how often you may need to clean your roof tiles. These factors include weather conditions, your location, and the aspect of your property. In suburbs such as Liverpool, Casula and Green Valley, we generally recommend cleaning your roof every 5 years or so.

Humid conditions can cause more lichen growth on tiled roofs and a property that receives heavy fallout from overhanging trees will get dirty more quickly too. Since we recommend a routine roof inspection every 5 years, it makes sense to book roof cleaning for the same time. Not only will regular roof maintenance extend the life of your roof and prevent damage from going unnoticed, it will keep your property looking great as well.

cleaning roof tiles southwest sydney

What are potential consequences of not cleaning roof tiles regularly?

When debris accumulates on tiles roofs, it can cause moisture to become trapped, which can then lead to moss and algae growth as well as mould. The growth of organic matter such as moss can actually lift and dislodge roof tiles, and if it is allowed to spread, can degrade roofing materials over time.

Loose debris that builds up can also end up in guttering and downpipes, causing havoc with the flow of water. Pooling water can end up getting diverted into your roof space and your home. Not only is moisture that enters the home problematic when it comes to causing damage, it can also result in mould, which is a real health hazard.

Many home insurance policies will not cover damage that has been the result of water entering the roof, if the cause is deemed as preventable through proper roof maintenance. It’s not uncommon for our Liverpool roof repair team to identify compromised roof tiles during a roof cleaning process. When a simple tile replacement is neglected, it can lead to costly repairs down the track.

Are there DIY ways to clean roof tiles or should I hire a professional?

While cleaning roof tiles is a job that can be carried out yourself, there are some serious consequences if it goes wrong. Here’s what we think you need to consider:

  • Safety. Did you know around 25% of construction site deaths occur due to falling from heights? These statistics come from construction sites, where workers are presumably physically fit, properly trained, and wearing the correct footwear. When property owners work on their own roofs, there is often little or inadequate safety equipment and very limited knowledge of safe working practices. Falling from a roof is pretty unforgiving, which is why we suggest hiring a qualified roofing contractor for your roof cleaning and maintenance.
  • Know how to walk on a roof. There are certain parts of your roof that are safer to walk on than others. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can cause damage to roof tiles, or hurt yourself.
  • The right equipment. if you do feel competent to work safely on your roof, the best way to clean roof tiles is through application of a specialised cleaning product and using a pressure washer to clean away dirt and organic matter. Do your research on best practices to applying high-pressure water to your roof tiles, as if it’s done incorrectly, water can be forced into the roof space. It’s important to inspect the roof thoroughly before using a pressure washer. We commonly see broken tiles, damaged fixtures, flashing that needs replacing and loose ridge capping.

What's the best time of year for cleaning roof tiles in southwest Sydney for optimal results?

An ideal time to carry out roof maintenance is in Spring or early Summer. This is because the weather is usually becoming dry and warmer, which can help your roof dry out completely after a deep clean. Cleaning roof tiles in this period can be ideal for tackling the fallout from deciduous trees over Winter and it also serves as part of smart bushfire preparation as we enter the high risk season. Windy weather is not  good for roof cleaning, partly because strong winds can make working on roofs less safe, but also because cleaning agents might get blown around on unwanted areas.

We recommended regular roof maintenance, including cleaning, inspections, and addressing any issues promptly. If you’re unsure about how to clean your roof tiles, consider hiring a local roofing service. Our Liverpool roofing professionals have years of experience in roof cleaning, repairs, and maintenance.